posted on: 4.08.2011

Hi All, This is another quick post that i wanted to let you all know about!! Some of you might know that at the moment of me writing this blog post i have a little over 900 blog followers (913 at the moment). I just wanted to let you know that i will be having a HUGE Giveaway when i reach 1,000 followers and I'm not joking when i say HUGE!!! If you have yet to follow my blog please look in the right sidebar towrd the top and click follow. If you don't have an account they literally take 5 minutes to make! When we get to 1,000 i will let you all know what it is and there will multiple ways to enter the giveaway so you have a ton of chances!!! Thanks so much everyone who has followed my blog and commented on my projects. I really love reading the comments that you all write on my posts!! Drew


  1. Isn't it exciting!!! I'm nearing closer and closer to 1000 followers too! I'm already one of yours....are you one of mine? :)


  2. Almost 1000 readers... I'm so not surprise becasue you're one of the most talented person in the all world!
    Drew, I LOVE your creations ♥

  3. 926, you're getting there Drew!!!
    Lisa at embellishmentcity.com

  4. You are so awesome Drew! Always look forward to see what you do next!

  5. Drew,
    I'm 941!!! I bet you make it before the end of the weekend at this rate!! CONGRATS!!!
    Also, you are one very talented person!! I LOVE to see what all you come up with and sometimes I'm not so quick on the "buy" button when it comes to your kits ! Will keep trying, though! Keep up the wonderful work!

  6. I know you'll make 1000 before you know it!

  7. 959...just 41 more to go!
    COngrats on all your success Drew!
    Left you a blog award on my blog...want all my friends to find you too! :)

  8. 960!! Won't be long now!! Congrats!


  9. U did it!!!! Congrats!