SCHOOLS OUT!!! YAY! {more to come}

posted on: 6.02.2011

Hi All,
I'm so excited because school is out. Well my last day was Tuesday but im just letting you know. YAY i haven't had time for a lot of videos and such which is kinda why i have been MIA for a while. I was studying for finals and all that fun stuff! Anyways im all done and there will be a lot to come this summer. YAY!

So here are just a couple of updates as of now!

- The kit club is open for more members so make sure to join ASAP! I have yet to post this months kit on the site but it should be up by tonight. I have been super busy. Join the kit club HERE!!

- The DVD's are still in works at the factory. I really don't know why its taking so long but i wont be doing any more DVD sales until i get them in hands. I'm so so sorry for the wait!

- One last thing. IM GOING TO CHA SUMMER 2011!! YAY! I'm super excited because i have never been on a plane or really even out of state!! Well i did go on a cruise to Mexico but that's not a state so it doesn't count LOL!

There will be alot more videos to come so stay tuned on my youtube! Also how do you like my new header on my blog. I scrapped it and scanned it!

Thats all for know!!
Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on school being out, more time to scrap!
    Your blog header rocks! Very creative!
    Summer CHA... wow, wish I were going, take
    Lots of pics and video!
    Happy Summer

  2. Your new header is tooo wonderful. Full of lots of great stuff just like you!
    Where is summer CHA? Do you need someone to help carry your bags?
    Had such a fun time at AH. Nice getting to know you ;}}

  3. Have a great summer break Drew.CHA will be a fun experience keep us all up-dated and love your new Blog header,well done very creative.

  4. Love the new header. Enjoy your summer break. Can not wait to hear of what you learned at CHA after you get back. Have fun.

  5. Drew,
    Your blog site is incredible. With school out you'll be busier than ever! I think they need a replacement for Tim over at Ranger, you should call them!!!!!!