Scrapbook Starting Points

posted on: 10.19.2011

I want to share all my scrapbooking tips and tricks and how i start pages and such due to all the emails and questions i get asked online and in person. Your style is how you scrapbook and every ones style is a bit different which is why it may be hard to scrap lift an idea from somebody else perfectly.  If you have noticed my style goes from crowded to simple to clean to grungy and changes all the time, but i just realized i really like that change in scrapbooking as it keeps ideas flowing. Scrapbooking is about preserving memories and having fun doing it! Some people may not like your scrapbooking but you have to think there not the ones scrapbooking your memories, you are and if you like it then it works :) I'm here to share some scrapbook tips and tricks on start your pages. Lets get started

Scrapbook page sketches must be my top most easy ways to start a scrapbook page. Sketches of scrapbook pages can be found anywhere online and even on mobile devices such as Iphone apps.  A sketch will give you placement ideas and then your off creating. These sketches show you were your papers should be placed as well as photos, journaling and embellishments. One sketch can be turned 4 different ways to allow a new sketch each time.  Simply search "Scrapbook page sketches" on you favorite search engine to find millions of free sketches for you scrapbook pages. You can keep all printed sketches in a book for reference.

Let your photos tell you what product you want to use. If you have a photo with blue and green in it then you want to use blue and green products as well as neutrals such as brown, black or white. If your still not sure what to do with all this product after you have gathered it up refer back to the sketch idea. Sketches will tell you were to place the product you pulled. Of course if you just wanted to place your photo or photos on a piece of card stock and embellish around it that's a fun and creative way to start.

This last tip on starting your pages is based on the product you use. If your going to be using 12x12 paper pads or collection packs its really simple to find product to correspond with those papers as there all from the same collection and all coordinate together. If your like me, I love using different brands and collections to make my own coordinating set of papers and embellishments. If you just look at your photo you want to scrap and find papers that coordinate with your photo then they normally coordinate together and if they don't then you can simply re pull a new paper until your find a set of papers that your happy with. Normally as far as embellishment i start with a couple products i think i want to use and grab as i go. I wont grab everything i think coordinates because you will never use it all. Just grab a couple key embellishments that you want to use and when you find you need a new embellishment go grab something else.

I will have more tips and tricks coming soon! Who knows maybe a scrapbook class in the future!


  1. Thanks for sharing that Drew!! Unless I have a specific project in mind I often find myself floundering on where to begin, sketches do help a lot.
    I would love it if you were to do a scrapbook class!!
    Oh and Drew I received my order from your store today!! So exciting!! I love the Prima paper pads and the embellies!! Have a great night, Hugs, Colleen

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips I have always felt to intimadated to do a mini and started my very first mini ever! So excited to finish it!