Long Time No Blog!

posted on: 11.19.2011

Hey Bloggers!

Sorry i have been MIA for the past week! I Have been really studying for school finals and being sick lol!  I am in the process of trying to buy a car but my mom says that i need a stable income if i want to get a car loan through her so i may have to get a job! O NO! I'm scared?! So i think i may get a job or just keep building my Discount Charms etsy shop! In about 3 months its already had over 1600 sales which is kinda a lot and we keep getting quite a bit of sales daily. If i keep building and adding more product maybe that will provide enough money i need for a car payment :) (If you haven't been to my etsy shop lately, We have gotten in over 200 new items! Check them out!)

You're probably all thinking "What car are you trying to get to where you need a car payment!" Well i was thinking to myself. "If i get a cheap car at about $2,000-4,000 I'm only going to want an expensive car 2 months down the road so instead of investing in a cheap car I'm going all out :) 

First off i must say i don't even have my permit yet! LOL I have been so busy with YouTube videos, running 2 shops, a blog and a kit club to even think about getting a permit a few months ago (more like 11 months LOL). I could have gotten my permit in January of 2011 and its almost December! OMG! So I'm taking my written test on Monday! I have been practicing alot for the written test online so that shouldn't be a problem (I'll keep you posted on my Facebook)

So back to my car issue! I would love to have anything from a charger - challenger - camaro - chrysler M300! OMG i just realized i like cars that start with the letter "C"! How odd? My mom has a red charger which i like but i BADLY want a camaro. Maybe a yellow one or maybe a grey?! WHO KNOWS! I know purchasing a car like this takes alot of money so i have been saving. Im attempting to make a large down payment and my parents said if i can hold a stable income (Enough to cover a car payment + extra for gas and such) which i have been doing on my charm shop then they will allow me to get a loan and pay it monthly. I would like to make double the amount i need though just in case i have a bad month :D

Man this is a long post. HUH?

Alrighty well lets get down to scrappy business. I have not posted a video in quite a while due to me being sick. I have been sick to where my voice was so bad i couldn't talk :) O NO! So i didn't want to make some silent freaky video! Its gotten much better so i will make a new video probably tomorrow as today is super rainy and dark :(

I recently tried out for the Tattered Angles Design Team so ill keep you posted on that also!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and talk to you soon


  1. Don't forget the cost of insurance for that new car!!! It's outrageous for your age group, until you're 25!

    Hope you get the DT spot.
    Happy cruzin'

  2. Et quand comptez vous envoyer les kits commandés depuis le 20 octobre 2011 ????!!!!

  3. oh no ... Gas is expensive there also --
    I did not drive till I was 18 - I grew up in Chicago - no need to have a car then and worry about parking-- Today I drive a expedition but looking at downsizing next year -- Good Luck on your adventures!

  4. Drew, I think it's a good idea to make sure you have enough to have that cushion should you have a bad month. I am 47 years young and my dream car is a Tangerine Orange Camero! I saw one last year where the young lady had the Camero emblem blinged out in clear rhinestones. I WANT that car! Good luck with the design team entry! Take care, Tracy

  5. LOl Tracey that sounds neat! I want a bumblebee one! I know insurance i so expenisive but luckily i get the "Good student discount" which cuts your insurance down by half. I probably wouldnt be driving much because everyhting is in our little town and anything such as walmart and target varies from 100 miles away! I would drive to much :)
    I just love comments
    Thanks so much

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  7. Can you let me know when my order will ship it's been some time... I understand you have been Mia but customer service is what makes me keep coming back... Thank you and good luck on the car

  8. If you buy a car today for $2000 and pay cash, it will probably still be worth close to that in a year or 2. Things should be a changing in the car business in the next few years. In the meantime, you could put the money you would use for payments into an account to save up for the car you might really like. Also, many new, young drivers get into their first accident within a couple weeks of getting their license. I have 2 kids, both did it, neither one their fault. But it happens. Wouldn't want your "bumblebee" to go splat! Be patient! Keep up the good work. I enjoy your videos.

  9. Drew do you have any idea when the november kit club will have idea's in the dt gallery? I have been looking for them since Nov 1st and we are almost at Dec1?
    My husband bought me a camaro two Christmas's ago and it is a stick shift the white wih the deep orange stripes , with the grey and orange interior, sharp looking card but it's 8 cylinders and really fast, were you looking for a 6 cylinder or 8? I just want you to be aware that it is fast, and I never thought I would say that haha but the shifting and it being so fast has caused me to not use it much:-( Good luck and let me know about the kit club

  10. Hi Drew, So sorry to hear you have been ill.
    I hope you get the car of your dreams and a trip to Paris! I still dream about going to Paris, and my car is a Toyota Yaris, not a dream car but 39 mpg.
    See you when your voice returns ;}}
    nancyquilt in Santa Clarita.

  11. Drew, hope you're feeling better by now. And good luck with your written and driving tests. Big events! I've had 2 orange (I think they were Hugger Orange?) Camaros - a 1968 and a 1981; I'm SO old! Loved those cars. I would probably buy a cheaper first car, just to get those pesky first fender-benders out to the way! And I think that WalMart's parking lot may be the most dangerous driving area in the world. Best of luck with car shopping and your school tests too. Maria

  12. hope you are feeling better Drew! Have fun picking out a car. :))
    and Tattered Angels will be lucky to have you on their design team.

    Happy Thanksgiving to!

    Tammie :o)