Mixed Materials Mini Album!

posted on: 11.24.2011

Hey Bloggers,
So i finally get to share a new project with you! I have been working on alot of design team projects which i cant show until they do which is why i havent had a project post in a while! Anyways, I made a mini album from and AMAZING kit i got from my friend Rev! Check out the video of the kit HERE.

Thanks so so so much Rev for the amazing kit and i finally got the time to work on it and make my mini :) Make sure to check out Revs Etsy and Blog!

{{{Photo Time}}}

Some random page shots! I love how much i contrasted the photos for a different look!

I LOVE the way this album turned out! I used Felt, Fabric, Transperency, Cork and Paper! I made a video of the album below if you would like to check it ou page by page!

Thanks so much again Rev and everyone else you should totally try to make an album like this!
Love ya all!


  1. I love it...very eclectic and colorful !! Love all the layers but was wondering what material you used for the cover-is is a recycled piece of blanket or something??!!

  2. sorry... I asked before I watched the video...will be happy to check out my local fabric store for some teddy bear fabric!! Very cute!

  3. I know katherine the teddy bear fabric is so fun and soft!
    Thanks for commenting
    Love ya!

  4. Totally have to say I flipped over the teddy bear fabric first, I have used vintage rayon on layouts and cards before as well as paw pad fabric, I think I am going to have to start keeping my mohair offcuts. Really love how soft and inviting the cover looks.

    The album looks so ecclectic and fun. You did an excellent Job with the Kit :)

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  6. I totally love the teddy fabric, Just so you know it looks like either wool or a short pile synthetic. I have used both paw pad fabric (it has a velvety texture and sometimes also comes in a crushed velvet style texture with a firmer back than regular velvet) and vintage rayons on both layouts and cards in the past and it always looks so inviting to touch and feel.

    Seeing your album made me want to make sure I save all my offcuts from making bears to use in scrapping projects.

    I really loved the eclectic and fun of this album. You did an awesome project with your Kit.

  7. ahhh Drew you rocked the kit!! it's amazing!! thanks so much for playing!!

  8. Your mini is just lovely! I really like your style and your videos are just so entertaining! Good luck with the car.