CHA here i come!

posted on: 1.25.2012


Today is just a random blog post about nothing much lol! So I'm so so excited because I'm going to cha in just a few days! We are leaving Saturday night and staying at a friends then we will stay in a hotel on Saturday and Sunday night. I'm not going to be at CHA on Tuesday because i find the last day is always slow and i have school that day!

I'm thinking about doing vlogging from cha and also doing a boothly blog post as in "CHA to you - Prima Booth" and making the whole booth just about Prima! What do you think of that?! Of course i will have many other booths like Maya Road, Echo Park and all those wonderful brands also! So if your not already subscribed to my newsletter i highly suggest signing up in my right sidebar. All you have to do is enter your email and click subscribe and a conformation will be sent to you that you will have to confirm! SUPER EASY!! That way you will get all my blog posts in your inbox so it will be like your at CHA with me!

I may also do some vlogging but I'm shy when it comes to holding a camera up in public lol and everyone is staring at you!! I will be doing a ustream video on or two of the nights though and we will have many youtube guru's there also such as Livelovescrap, Mybutterflykisses12 and Cynthialoowho! WOOHOO! This should be so fun.

So that's my low down on CHA. If you have any questions about cha please feel free to ask below or just leave a comment with your thoughts :)
Love you all!


  1. I think it sounds great! Have a wonderful time! :D

  2. You lucky thing it will be very exciting and I for one will look forward to reading your blog on it.Have fun and do not be shy.
    * Adrienne*

  3. Great drew say hi to bona arlene cindy and not forgetting tim holtz lol danolando

  4. I will be there too!! We are leaving Sunday and staying thru Wednesday, the last day of the show!! I will be at Nikki Sivils booth at lunchtime Mon-Wed!! You should come by and say hi!! Booth #3047 :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I will be awaiting your post. Have fun.

  6. Oh Drew, have a great time! How exciting to be there with all the new stuff and fun folks! We'll be looking forward to your posts. Maria

  7. Say hello to Cari F. at the Prima booth. I met her at Inspired the last 2 years. She is a really "good egg."

  8. Your one lucky guy!!! Safe travels and have fun! Be nice if you could meet "the Man" and get something autographed to giveaway??? You know t!m..hmmmmmmm. Just a thought!

  9. Wow! Really do make video's at CHA! Ít is one of my wishes to go to CHA one day. Untill then I love to see everyone else who gets to go on Youtube. So please update as frequently as possible.
    And most important: ENJOY!!!

    The Netherlands