posted on: 2.01.2012

Hiya Everyone,
Im back from CHA! Well i actually couldn't stay the whole show so i left Monday afternoon because i had school Tuesday! When i go to Chicago in July i will stay the full show though! I also got a new haircut today which you can see in the right sidebar of my blog. I hope you all like it because its short now lol! Anyways i wanted to share a few pics from CHA that i have on my personal camera. Most pictures were taken by my Prima boss lady (lol) as she has a great camera so she will send them over when she gets a minute and i can share them :) Lets get started! These are all random btw!

The Prima booth is always so pretty and the projects are AMAZING! We did almost the whole booth decor on Saturday!

Lol Porfi's hat got in the shot! Those canvases are to die for!

Peeps i met! I have many more peeps but again there on other peeps cameras lol!

OHMYGOSH! There is Jo from paperdrama behind Bona! I didn't even see her?!

And cindy from Cynthialoowho

And Arlene from Mybutterflykisses12

And Bona, Arlene and myself :) My hair looks so weird back then lol (2 days ago!)

Thats all i have for now! I will have a project share 2morrow for you all :)


  1. Love the new "do"...... Thanks for sharing, would love to go to a CHA one year (if i can afford it flying from Australia to USA!!!!)..... Cheers for the pics!!!!!

  2. You are looking great with your new hair.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Loved your blog.

  3. New haircut looks good Drew.Prima booth looks gorgeous as ever.TFS

  4. So cool to see all the people from YouTube! I follow all of you! Love the pic's from CHA and the new do Drew, suits you :)

  5. OMG... I just love Arlene and Bona!! Great photos you have posted. And, your new haircut and style is awesome!! What a wonderful change and showing off that beautiful face of yours =)

  6. Love the new do. The booth looked great!

  7. Great booth, and love youre new haircut, looks great. Love the pictures, lucky you!

  8. WOW! The Prima booth looks amazing; your all's work is so elegant. What fun you must be having Drew! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. And I like your new haircut - shows us your handsome face. Maria

  9. The booth looked amazing. Looks like you had fun and got to meet a lot of crafters. I really like your new haircut and those glasses are "in" with the young people. Welcome home!

  10. Great haircut! Those canvases from the Prima booth are gorgeous!

  11. Hi Drew, Your new hair design is have a new persona! I will have to update your pic in my Fave Peeps folder on Pinterest. It looks like you had a blast at CHA. What an opportunity! Glad you had a safe journey, too. ♥ x0x LL

  12. Love the new look! It really suits you.

    That prima booth is incredible! I want to go live in it! Love the canvas art. Thanx for sharing. Makes me want to go play with my prima's.


  13. I like your new hair do. It looks like you had fun. Thank you for sharing the pics.