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posted on: 6.22.2012

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So I added some blonde streaks to my "Bob's Big Boy Flip". What do ya think about it?! Don't you just love that shirt! I picked it up at H&M a while back when I was in Las Vegas. I really love graphic tee's that have somewhat of a vintage logo or print on them. This shirt really stood out to me + it was only $9. I pairs it with a scarf which I have never worn but thought I would take a risk and a pair or bluish colored skinny jeans (these are the skinniest I have!). Lastly I wore my favorite blue vans which have been with me for about 5 years now. I think they have stretched to my foot because there about 3 sizes to small. Summer is really starting to kick in here and I can't wait to start blogging about it!

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(I added a new image linked header. What do ya think?)


  1. YA....THIs LOOOk is REALLY good on you hair and scarf are BIGGGG yes from me. de@ccby3dogs

  2. Love your hair and the nickname you gave it!

  3. What a cool shirt... How good are vans, I have some tartan ones I've had for oh... 8 or so years and they're still going strong

  4. I am so happy you decided to have one blog for everything you blog about. I really did not want to go to multi blog sites.

  5. Nice look on you. I love the new blog too!

  6. AWWWIES! i love the scarf! i'm adding you twitter now :-)

  7. I am liking your hair. It makes you look more mature and sexy! A good change from your previous haircut.

  8. I just came across you blog, and wow, I just love it! Your style is amazing and I am loving the hair!

    Janelle - J.P Photography

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  10. I absolutely love all of your clothes! :) plus you're adorable so it works out evenly hehe