FASHION :: Tribal Shorts

posted on: 6.20.2012

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Shirt//Abercrombie | Shorts//Urban Outfitters | Shoes//Toms (denim) | Ring//Urban Outfitters | Glasses//Ray-Ban

There, I'm back with another fashion post! I hope you enjoy these posts {do you?}. At-least I enjoy making them but only when its overcasty! Today was SO sunny that I just had to take the photos and sunny photos normally don't turn out very nice unless you have a lovely camera unlike me :p I think my photos make the point of the look I was going for. What do you think? I really love these new shorts I picked up at Urban Outfitters. They were super expensive but i really loved them. O! and that ring, It's kinda gangsterish but that's OK, right?


  1. Looking good Drew Very man about town

  2. Is that ring one piece or two? I'd call it gangsta stylish ;)

  3. Very cool shorts and ring. Everyone should have a little gangsta in their wardrobe. Lol

  4. Hi Drew. I don't know much about style, but the shorts look great on you. Good job on the photos too. The ring reminds me of "brass knucks" - is that what they're supposed to be? Don't be gettin' into any fights now! Maria

  5. Lookin take awesome pictures and the wardrobe is very YOU..minus the gangsta Now don't be gettin the idea that you are going to leave us paper crafters for modeling...WE NEED YOU!

  6. Hey gangsta is always stylish! Love the shorts. Super cute!!!

  7. OMG TIMES 50, THERE IS A NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE HERE BETWEEN THE 2 OUTFITS. This outfit ROCKS !!!! Everything about it is perfect on your.
    It Screams Young College/Business Professional Guy. Which describes you perfectly.
    First of all the shirt isn't so sloppy looking. The tie dyed looked 3 sizes to big. However the tee might look good with these short if tucked in...if the neck isn't all stretched out of shape. these pic belong in someone clothing ad.
    way to go drew !!!! de

  8. Drew, I was browsing the web for new ideas for scrapbooking pages and happened upon your site. You are an amazing young man and I have fell in love with your style. I will definitely be following your site from now on. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.
    Addy Wyonch (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)