Iphone Photography :: Week 1

posted on: 6.13.2012

Welcome to my first non scrapbook related post! I'm starting with some photography, sound good? iPhones are a work of art! I still don't understand how apple was able to put such an amazing camera into such a tiny device.  I use my iPhone all the times to take photos because I can also use instagram. I personally LOVE instagram to death and couldn't live without it {who's with me!}. I find that the photo editing apps on the iPhone are incredible at making your photos pop with a bit more interest.

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly post on iPhone photos. I tend to use my iPhone for photo taking quite a bit so why not share those photos once a week :) I'm very excited about this post series and I hope you are to. Lets get started, shall we?!

How I love to take photos! I really hope you enjoyed this weeks Iphone photography post! I didn't have to many interesting shots but I like them :)
xoxo drew


  1. Oh, those photos were great to see! You definitely take good pics!

  2. We don't see what we see all the time. Random photo shooting makes us notice. Love these shots.
    Now for fun find a public parking lot like at the grocery store or an employee parking lot where people walk in and out or to and from a lot. Find a spot where most walk and look for a crack in the concrete or pink gum thats been there for days even weeks. Now put one of your charms by it say a button charm or a bottle cap with the word smile on it. tack it down with more gum so it doesn't just get kicked away and wait with your camera ready. See how long before its noticed. See if anyone actually picks it up Or stops to look (dont use gum to tack with to
    gross) .
    The point here is poeple know the crack is there or the gum but will they see the charm.