HOW TO :: Sewing on Projects

posted on: 6.14.2012

One of my most requested tutorials to do is on sewing and how to sew you you scrapbooking projects weather it be a layout, card or altered piece. It is all the same concept and is super easy to do! I'm not sure why I even made this video//blog post because I feel I'm so uninformative but I think I got some of the basics down (I hope..)

did that help at all?
xoxo drew


  1. I love the look of sewing on projects, but bounce between being too lazy to pull out the sewing machine, or too chicken to risk messing up my layout! Lol! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Nice video :) I only use my machine for sewing clothes and never thought to use it for my lo's! I have a small junky one for that but may start using my good machine! TFS! Marisa

  3. What needles do you use for paper and chipboard? Hugs! Jen