DIY PROJECT :: Vintage Button Bracelet

posted on: 6.15.2012

Why Hello again,
I thought for my actual first post i would do a DIY project! I'm so excited to share this super cute and simple bracelet with you.  I always see this lovely floral print in vintage shops and i can teal floral is back in trend.  This bracelet was made with only 4 materials and in less than 30 minutes! Lets get started.

As you can see we are only using 4 materials as follows -
1} Cord or Twine (I used cotton cord i picked up at Michael's)
2} Sewing Needle (Needs a large eye)
3} Buttons (I used floral wood buttons from my etsy shop)
4} A pair of scissors or snips

Choose as many buttons as you would like to go around your wrist. I choose 4 which fits a standard 7.5" wrist. These buttons are 1.5" in width so they make up 6" in total but we need spacing for our cord and closure.

Thread a total of of 3 strands at about 30" each through the eye of the needle as shown above.

Start by threading the 3 strands through the backside of the button as shown above. Make sure to leave about a 9" tail which we will use later in the closure.
Tie a loose know on the back to keep the cord in place (make sure its loose because we will untie it later.

Attach all 4 buttons to the cords leaving about a 1/8 - 1/4" spacing between each button
And know we have 2 buttons on! Keep on going.
There we go, that's better. Know all 4 buttons are threaded on leaving a small gap between each.
Then you can flip it over and tie again another loose know to keep everything together. This will ensure your buttons wont slide off.
Alright so know you can see i have done to same thing to the opposite holes that we have already done. Just repeat the previous steps to finish the opposite side. Were almost done but not yet!

This is what the backside of your buttons will look like! As you can see i have loose knots on either last button.
Jump much!!! So i skipped a few steps and we are know looking at this. Trust me, it is super easy to get to this step. Basically all you need to do is repeat the previous step but flip it over. This will connect the buttons from the top and bottom for extra security.

Here is the side view of the bracelet. As you can see its pretty self explanatory!
Know we will tie a knot to secure it all! At this point you will want to untie those loose knots we tied earlier because we will tie a large know with all 12 strands. Basically pull all the strands taught and tie a pretty tight knot.
Split the strands as shown above

Repeat this decorative tail on both sides for a total of 2 on either side. This will allow you to easily tie this cute bracelet on your wrist!

LOVELY, I just love this floral bracelet and i hope you will five it a go!
xo drew


  1. cool i realy like it.


  2. I love this bracelet DIY! Your blog is so darling, I'm glad I stumbled on to it.

  3. I just LOVE Pretty Vintage Buttons. What an Awesome Project Drew. I'm sure I have a bunch of these tucked away. So will Defo give it a go.
    Many Thanks........

  4. I love the pics and the project. I love how close it is.

  5. I love this! Great tutorial, thanks!

  6. Great pictures, but seriously dude, you need spell check....I couldn't follow a blog with this many language errors.....It's really distracting and makes you look less professional.

  7. Simple and cute! Remember to take time to proofread! :)

  8. This is a really good idea! I am going to feature it in my DIY Ideas post next Friday :)

  9. Great DIY! I recently won a bulk pack of vintage buttons and was looking for some new ways to use them.

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