FASHION :: Cosmic and Tribal

posted on: 6.15.2012


Hey Hey!!! I'm so excited for my first fashion post. I believe I have some sort of odd style that hasn't fully developed yet but we will see...  I was at a friends and I had my camera so I thought :: FASHION POST! This was actually what I wore over and i really love this look even though its pretty casual. I like casual though {doesn't everyone}?

Anyhow, enjoy the post and leave a comment with your thoughts :) All clothing items are listed below.

I wore :: Tee//Urban Outfitters Cardigan//Forever 21 Pants//Levis Shoes//Vans Necklace//DIY
xoxo drew


  1. This outfit it great- I especially love that necklace! Vintage and beautiful!

  2. I love that tee--the colors and cosmic look, and the cardigan. Such a great-looking model, too!

  3. Love, love, love the shoes.

  4. I love these photos and like your outfit!
    Gorgeus necklace!

    Have a nice weekend, Drew!


  5. Nice lookin' young man there! Love the t-shirt and shoes together. Not a cardigan fan, but it does look nice with the outfit. And the necklace/watch is beautiful. Thanks for showing us, Drew. Maria

  6. Your look is so relaxed looking, love the shoes and shirt together. All in all Drew love it.

    Hugs pam

  7. Love the look. Sort of retro. Very casual and relaxed.

  8. you look very snappy drew! love the whole look. wanted to tell you i repinned an idea i saw on pinterest that is right up your alley, for making t shirts using rubbing alcohol and sharpies. it was really neat and you are so crafty i thought of you when i saw this post. you can make your own fashion. i am a big fan find me on pinterst
    candy hill. big hugs!!

  9. awwwwies! i like your necklace and thos vans! they're perfect.

  10. I don't think its your best look but who am I to judge. Hey the sweater....looks like my dads from yearrrrr ago. The rest individually are ok but together ......not so great. Necklace is to long.
    What style or statement are you trying to show/make?
    It just don't say young talented artistic amazing guy to me. SORRY, I'M A NO BODY HOWEVER, REMEMBER THAT!

  11. clothes are great !! but the the necklace?? too log maybe?? and i do not like the hands crossed for some reason!! sorry !! otherwiswe great!!!!

  12. Drew , I think you look great ,and I will be looking for you in the next fashion Magazines .. I love all that you do ....Patsy

  13. I love this outfit!
    Those slip ons looks so great with your shirt!

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  15. Will you post a DIY on that necklace?
    It's amazing.