PHOTOGRAPHY :: Black & White Flowers

posted on: 6.16.2012

Hello lovely people, I was at a friends yesterday (same friend who took the photos of my fashion post) and I decided I wanted to take some photos of his garden. Its not really his as in he gardens it but it's on his property, you follow me?! Probably not because I'm so unclear but basically I took photos of flowers and made them black and white. I used photoshop of course and I think they turned out pretty neat looking. Will you be my judge?

OK so that's a birdbath, not a flower {my bad} I misinformed you. Please forgive me but its pretty, ya? I really like black and white especially with high contrast.

Would you like to see the colored ones also?! There really pretty!
xoxo drew


  1. They are very good Drew! Yes, would love to see them in colour too!
    Love Pearl

  2. excellent photos! you really have an eye for art!
    and yes i would like to see them in color but the black and white is the most artistic looking.
    great job hugs candy

  3. i actually really like the b.w flower photos, which is funny because i'm obsessed with color. they just seem really "peaceful" or something. get it.

  4. Lovely photos! Flowers are so photogenic already, but you really made them gorgeous. :)

  5. Beautiful in black and white, just amazing what you see in these. Im so determined to learn the photo technique youve used. It has to do with depth of field and aputure sp? Right?
    Anyway my SLR will do this if I learn which buttons to push.
    Man this photo taking stuff is hard to learn when you're older and self taught.
    Not a problem for you however !!!
    Take care drew

  6. Hey quick question what equipment do you recommend recording you tube videos with ?
    I checked you tube last night and found Several folks telling me to get a DSLR camera with lens not a camcorder or video recorder at all.

    Now I'm not rich at all so whats your advise for a hobbist that want to show paper crafting projects ?
    Thank in advance

  7. Hey larissa!
    Omg they so told you wrong! Never use a DSLR for videos! DSLR do not autofocus (some Nikon lenses do) so will have to readjust the focus every time you move your item around on the screen. I would suggest a good digital camera that takes hd video :) slr for photos :)

  8. Wonderful pictures. Love the birdbath most.

    Have a fab day. ines from across the atlantic.

  9. Love the 2nd photo. So much white space to use for a title or journaling on a layout. I've been taking alot of photos with space to use lately.

    I so need a class on how to use my DSLR. I totally gave up and spent the money on a good point and shoot which is taking great photos for now but I hate that I spent so much on the other camera and it's chillin' on the shelf lol!

    I have alot of kiddos so I take alot of pics inside and I have good lighting but only certain areas of the house. Someone mentioned getting a external flash? Any suggestions?


  10. Great photos, I like working with black and white also.