Trip to Mexico

posted on: 6.12.2012

Hi there! Today I have a layout to share with you. I created this a few days ago and I just haven't had time to take photos or even make a video! I'm kinda having a video withdrawal that will need a fixing! I just have been so so busy with summer as I have a lot of time to work on my online shop and if you sell on etsy you have probably seen all the amazing updates they are making which I am adding to my shop which is taking some time :p

Anyways, I seem to say anyways a lot?! I used only the 9 to 5 collection from October afternoon on this page to give myself a mini challenge {sound good}. I really love the layout and I hope you do to!! Here are a couple close ups & dont forget to pin it below!

Thanks a bunch buddies!
xoxo drew


  1. Please, there is NO such word as "anyways"! It's either "anyway" or something along the lines of "at any rate". Help stop the needless slaughter of the language.

  2. Great layout design! Thanks so much for sharing your talents; I really enjoy your style.

  3. Which amazing updates are these? I'm on Etsy but rarely pay attention to the "Things are Changing AGAIN" emails that they send out. I usually am just surprised one day when everything is different. Lol.

  4. I really really like this. Your style is so cool. I wish I could scrapbook this well!