Single Servings :: Brownie in a Mug

posted on: 1.29.2013

Brownies are definitely in my top 3 favorite sweets. I personally don't like cake very much (not sure why). I tend to resort to brownies because they are dense and quite lovely! I have ran across many single serving "microwave" recipes and I can say that I love them. I have tried a couple in the past few months but I finally decided to take photos and post on behalf of the amazing and simple recipes. These photos look pretty bad due to the fact that they were taken at midnight (this was a midnight snack) in my friends kitchen with minimal lighting. You may also noticed I painted my nails pink zebra (hah, those are my friends hands). That is not the point though, these simple mug brownies are definitely the point!

• 2 tbsp. Oil
• 2 tbsp. Water
• 1/4 tspn. Vanilla
• Pinch of Salt
• 2 tbsp. Cocoa (unsweetened)
• 4 tbsp. Flour
• 4 tbsp. Sugar
• Chocolate Chips
• 12oz. Mug
• Measuring Spoons
• Spoon or Whisk
• Microwave

Start off my mixing all wet ingredients in the mug (vanilla, oil and water). Stir the ingredients with your mixing utensil.
Now add all of the dry ingredients to the mug (flour, sugar, salt and cocoa). You can then thoroughly mix this mixture as shown in the photo below.
Pop the mixture into the microwave for just 60-90 seconds (mine took 60 seconds)! As you can see by the clock it was actually almost midnight.
Once it is out of the microwave, add a few chocolate chips. In this photo we actually added them before we cooked the mixture. I actually suggest adding them once it has been taken out because they sort of burn in the microwave.
There you have it! These literally take only 3-4 minutes to create and they are so yummy. Create a large batch of batter by tripling or "sex-tupling" the ingredients above and then pour into several mugs ("sex-tupling", I'm sure that's a word?). I also feel you could make a large batch of batter and pour into a mug when you are ready to have a lovely treat. Top with ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy.
I know I personally enjoyed this brownie a little too much!
xoxo drew


  1. You just made my night! Off to go make it now. :D (Its a little after 10pm)

  2. not a big fan of brownies but this looks just about right for a quick snack......will definitely give it a try.......thanks for sharing!

  3. oh wow that makes me hungry ;0)

  4. wow..tx for the recipe...or not!(yikes) Gotta go make one right now!

  5. Oh yum! It's 9:30p.m. and I haven't had anything to eat yet. Any guesses of what I'm going to do now???

  6. Not a cake lover, so this is perfect! ;)

  7. Thank you for sharing Drew! You are the best! Aloha, Linda

  8. Sounds so easy and yummy! Love this idea!
    xo Heather