Q&A Video :: Scrapbooking

posted on: 5.26.2013

Finally I get this video up and then I decide not to post it on the blog for 2 days? Silly me! Anyway, I requested a lot of you to send me questions a while back and I got quite a few via YouTube and this blog. I broke the questions into three categories (Scrapbooking, Personal and Other). This is the first of the three videos. I actually think I will be filming the second one tonight and uploading tomorrow. If you have any additional questions please comment below and I will attempt to answer them all
PS. Is the comment section working? I have gotten a few emails saying it's not working.


  1. Enjoyed your video Drew! Great hearing about your scrapbooking process and what you like to use.

  2. Hi Drew! You said you were not inspired by PDF classes and I can so relate. I too love videos so much better. Hence the reason why Ustream and YouTube Vids are so popular. Thanks for sharing "You"! If you ever decide to make your own stamps, that would be sharing just a little bit more of you ;) Hugs, Laura

  3. Hi Drew,
    Your video's are always so entertaining super just like you work.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes Aya

  4. Drew I loved getting to know you better. Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Great video--thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Hi Drew,

    Thanks so much for answering all those questions. I sense from you a real love of life and a keen desire to share your talent with others.

    I'm so fortunate that I watched Prima one Thursday evening and found all of you wonderful instructors. I've learned so much over this time and look forward to continue learning about this huge world of scrapbooking.

    Looking forward to your next video and in the meantime I'll check out Youtube.

    Take care and keep that wonderful inspiration of yours going.