Bonfire in July

posted on: 7.04.2013

I invited a few friends over a few days before I left to roast some S'mores on our fire pit. It was such a lovely night outside. It was the perfect temperature with a cool breeze along side the fire. I love nights like this with friends. Lana Del Rey and Florence accompanied us. I hope to have many more memories with these amazing friends. I will never forget them. Graduation has finally kicked in and I am starting to realize that I am not a child anymore. Friday is the day and I could not be any more nervous. Let's do this together.


  1. I know starting a new phase in your life is scary, especially going to a new place and leaving most of your familiar behind, location wise only though, and I know you will excel and have exciting and new adventures. Good luck, we are all with you.

  2. I remember when I finley realized I was really starting life after high school. But my life went in a very different way. By the end of that first year I was married (not pregnant just in love) and owned a house all at the age of 18. Of course they said it wouldn't work but I have now been married for 41 years (to the same wonderful guy). But I didn'T really have any idea of where I was going in life. You Drew have already started and accomplished so much! just keep walking toward that dream and we will all be here enjoying it with you.
    Susan aka Scrapsue

  3. gorgeous, gorgeous photos <3 Do you use a DSLR? what lens?

  4. Awesome pics Drew. I am drooling and wanting smores now for breakfast! Enjoy the holiday, and your new adventure! Don't be nervous, you will do great!

  5. You will always continue to amaze us with your art and energy. Great things will always follow you. I wish for you an exciting new journey and lots of fun along the way.
    Best of luck to you, be strong and know you are in my prayers. most of all be happy!
    Nancy Arbuckle-Mayer

  6. Good Luck to you tomorrow as you start this new chapter of your life! I am certain you will do very well. 45 years ago, after getting me settled in my dorm room, my parents left to go home, I was very nervous, excited, all sorts of emotions. 15 minutes later I walked out in the hallway and met this girl, we went for ice cream and all the nerves went away. She is still a very good friend today, actually we are now sister-in-laws and she is the mother of my nephew and niece as my brother and her got married several years later! It won't be long and your nervousness will go away, too! Take the world by its tail and continue to make all your dreams come true!
    You are an awesome young man!