What I Wore :: Feel the Love

posted on: 7.05.2013

Shirt : Pacsun  //  Shorts : Urban Outfitters  //  Shoes : Vans OTW  //  Belt : Abercrombie  //  Hat : Fabrixquare  //  Bracelet : Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love this shirt. The California Republic theme has been really popular in street fashion these days. I really didn't want to get the usual logo printed tee so instead I found this awesome tee at Pacsun for $3. It has in image of two girls sitting and looking into the sunset. They are wrapped in a California Republic flag. I also really love that there is a faint tribal print over the whole design. The shirt was originally $19.99 and was half off. It then rang up for $3. I paired it with some white tribal shorts I got from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. Lastly, I felt this look needed a statement which is why I threw in this hat. It is completely covered in spikes which adds a nice edge with this somewhat casual look.


  1. Great match up, Drew. You really have an eye for things that work well together. And $3 for that awesome T-shirt? How come I can't find such great deals??? LOL

  2. Great look Drew ! I bought the Enquirer today & saw the great article ,I am so proud to know you as you launch into the rest of your great future !

  3. Looking good Drew!!

    Stop worrying about your hair or just shave it off. Your hair usually looks good but if you check out a lot of your pictures and videos you have your hand poking at your hair or you are apologizing for how it looks.. Silly boy don't worry! Have you started school yet?

  4. I like your outfit. You'd fit right in here in Florida.