What I Wore :: BANG BANG

posted on: 7.17.2013

Jacket : Thrift Shop // Tee : Forever 21 // Pants : Levis's // Shoes : Toms // Scarf : Forever 21

Long time no blog! I have so much to update you on since my move a couple weeks ago. As many of you knew, I spilt shampoo on my computer and so I have been without a computer for a while. I just realized my iPad was capable of posting. I will be doing a room tour video and so on once I get my computer back. It should be back within the next few days. Gosh, I have so much to share with you all. I am also going to attempt to share my roommates and friends and just chat with you about the college experience so far.

Anyway, one of my roommates is majoring in digital media. He has an amazing camera and was generous enough to take a few photos of me for the blog ( I will have another post of the full shoot ). I love the way this look came out. The mix of camo and plaid is actually a pretty unique but cohesive look. I really love how the tee and pants were a natural color because it let the jacket and scarf really pop. Lastly my brown cordone shoes were added to tie back with the brown In the camo. What are your thoughts on this look?


  1. That is why you are in design school, you have a great eye. I would never have thought to put those together, but you look great..Glad they will be able to fix your computer!

  2. Great look! Can't wait to hear more about your move!

  3. Great pic. Love the look!
    Hugs, Lourdes

  4. Fantastic look! I love how the fabrics look so comfortable and relaxed but the bold patterns make a statement. So excited to see your room tour and how things are going so far. =)


  5. You look simply amazing, hun ^__^

    Many kisses,