What I Wore : "I never meant to cause you trouble"

posted on: 8.26.2013

 photo IMG_0208_zps0ec3e008.png  photo IMG_0141_zpsbf8944cb.png  photo IMG_0191_zps516f9e71.png  photo IMG_0189_zpsd2172bc2.png  photo IMG_0167_zps18741fa5.png
Shirt : Forever 21  //  Jeans : RUDE  //  Boots : Dr. Martens  //  Sunglasses : Etsy  //  Watch : Michael Kors  //  Bracelet : Forever 21

Another outfit post for you. I hope you enjoy these. They are unlike my normal posts but they are definitely my favorite to do. I just finished up my designer notebook for my "20th Century Designers" class and printed out my final source review for english comp. It totaled 7 pages. Today was a very hectic day in attempts to get those two main projects done and I am glad to say they are checked off the list.

Tomorrow will be a big day. (2) three hour classes and then some color and design homework to get done as well. I just ordered a new camera lens so I can take my camera with me everywhere. I am excited to blog this journey. xoxo


  1. Drew this is my favorite outfit so far!! Love the Farah shirt, and the shoes are AWESOME, perfect with the jeans. FUN!!

  2. This outfit is awesome, simple but it looks nice.