What I Wore : "Wrecking Ball"

posted on: 8.26.2013

 photo IMG_0296_zps171ab1c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0331_zps910f8a97.jpg
 photo IMG_0366_zpsdadeb47a.jpg

Shirt : H&M  //  Cardigan : Urban Outfitters  //  Pants : Levi's  //  Shoes : Zara  //  Backpack : H&M

Sunday was a lazy day for me. I had quite a bit of homework to get done and so i decided a big fluffy knit cardigan was the perfect piece to wear. I have a designer notebook for one of my history classes to get done for Tuesday. As a break I shot this look and got Starbucks. I paired the cardigan with one of my favorite shirts from H&M. My backpack from H&M was brought along to carry my laptop to Starbucks. I am currently sipping a white chocolate mocha and enjoying the coffee shop atmosphere. How was your Sunday?


  1. I was lazy too! Slept in until noon (which I never do). Did laundry and cooked meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gray with steamed green beans tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper. Bored yet?
    Would love to live back in Southern California 'cause Florida is too hot and sticky and there is not much in the way of fashion and artistic culture here. Oh well, back to reality. Have a great week!